Time to Launch!

We like to host the Fouth Years for Tea before Easter. What a great group of prospective graduates. • Joseph Makanzu already has a church-plant and orphanage ministry underway in Ndola.Gift Kaputula us such a talented worship leader, he is in demand for week-end ministry most week-ends. • Sunday Siwale is a prospective Military Chaplain.. • Council PresidentContinue reading “Time to Launch!”

“She Carried Little Elvis on Her Back!”

  We had a big surprise arriving home from college last week. Mop and pail in the middle of the hall, cleaning supplies strewn all around – it looked like Victoria had left in a hurry! She comes by in the mornings to keep the dust down. We tried a few numbers. No answer. So weContinue reading ““She Carried Little Elvis on Her Back!””

“You Know it’s going to be a Good Year when…”

You know it’s going to be a good year when the milk comes out in lumps. 2016!  A year to move from fluid to solids!  To deal in substance! (not to abuse it, of course).  A year to stop floating on the shifting tide like a quivering bead of butter fat.  Nay, tis a yearContinue reading ““You Know it’s going to be a Good Year when…””

“Before the Children Are in Bed”

It was tough going out there Saturday morning, on the fringes of Racecourse. We were in the Shanty Town neighbourhood which sprawls around our campus with some 400,000 souls. It was the long-awaited day to lay out the footprint and pour the footings for our new Barnabas Youth Centre — a gift from Canadian donorsContinue reading ““Before the Children Are in Bed””

“The Slightly Askew, Off-Balanced Church”

2015…. Some churches got badly off-balanced.  Let’s hope they straighten up this year! ! In some regions, the extremes revolve around fetishes. Holy water, anointing oil, even sacred brooms: for a fee, also known as a “faith offering” or “planting a seed,” you can go home with your fetish and “watch miracles happen!” Another extremeContinue reading ““The Slightly Askew, Off-Balanced Church””

Austerity: A Dangerous Idea?

For those who like to have their Håagen Daz and eat it too, there is good news from Ivy League professor Mark Blyth: “Austerity: The History of a Dangerous Idea.” Blyth’s recent book says you do not help a country like Greece by imposing tax hikes, spending cuts and the like. You help Greece byContinue reading “Austerity: A Dangerous Idea?”

“Song in the Air!”

There was joy in the air as I walked the neighbourhood this morning. A woman singing as she walked along Jambo. A gardener raising a tune as he worked the fringes of Chandawali. Big smiles from the man pushing his wheel-barrow down Kenyanta, dodging the potholes. “Are you opening your grocery today? But it’s aContinue reading ““Song in the Air!””