“A Great, Transforming 2020 Vision”

We were challenging our students at the start of this year along the lines of the twelve men of Israel in Joshua 4: they took up twelve stones from the midst of the Jordan river, and planted them in the Promised Land.  It was a statement, symbolizing their arrival.  These stones became a memorial.  ItContinue reading ““A Great, Transforming 2020 Vision””

Eclipsed by a Text-Messager!

I was just snapping the picture — a bright summer shot of Ruth under hanging petunias in North Vancouver — when a UFO floated into my space. An Unidentified Female Object. She was in a slow orbit, quite oblivious to her immediate environment — communicating with some headquarters far away, texting and receiving messages whileContinue reading “Eclipsed by a Text-Messager!”

“It’s Only Beauty is It’s Song.”

We are blessed with a boisterous African Bulbul or two around the property, Pycnonotus barbatus, one of the world’s great songsters. The tunes start at daybreak: “Mogadishu! Mogadishu!” … as though to remind us that the two-million citizens of Somalia’s capital need some prayerful thoughts today — which most days would just have to beContinue reading ““It’s Only Beauty is It’s Song.””

“Canada and The White Rhino” — Canada Day, 2016

Canada Day, 2016 — “Canada is Like the White Rhino.” When you don’t live in Canada much, you appreciate it all the more when you drop in.  A place where things work.  Where you can take something back if you don’t like it.  Where you know the law protects you against wrongful arrest and aContinue reading ““Canada and The White Rhino” — Canada Day, 2016″