Eclipsed by a Text-Messager!


I was just snapping the picture — a bright summer shot of Ruth under hanging petunias in North Vancouver — when a UFO floated into my space. An Unidentified Female Object.

She was in a slow orbit, quite oblivious to her immediate environment — communicating with some headquarters far away, texting and receiving messages while sipping on a smoothie! She was walking toward the harbor, which was a bit scary. But she could have been most anywhere.

“Oh sorry,” she said, when she heard the camera click. Then she drifted off along the boardwalk, by the cafes and market, down toward the harbor. I waited for a splash.

I thought, there must be some kind of penalty for invading someone’s photographic space like that. If so, she was caught on my photo radar. Texting-in-motion.




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