“A Great, Transforming 2020 Vision”

DSC03091We were challenging our students at the start of this year along the lines of the twelve men of Israel in Joshua 4: they took up twelve stones from the midst of the Jordan river, and planted them in the Promised Land.  It was a statement, symbolizing their arrival.  These stones became a memorial.  It said, “This is us and we are here to stay!”

So we asked our students: “What kind of new territory are you claiming this new year?  Are you taking up some stones this year?  Are you making a statement?  Are you placing a marker?  Are you planting something firmly on new territory?  And are you here to stay?  What is your five-year plan?  Where do you want to be come 2018?

Then suddenly we realized that, hey, this is 2013!  And 7 years from now is 2020!  Why not draft a 7-year plan and call it, “Your 2020 Vision!”

It was a bit bold.  Most of our students are in the middle of a seven-year plan already!  They’ve set their hearts on ministry! And sacrificed a lot to be here.  But we were projecting further into the future and asking, How’s your 2020 vision? What about that place you have dreamed of that God has awaiting? Hey, it’s time to take up some stones!  To make statment about your life!  “I am committed.  God has made a way for me and I am here to stay.” Plant some stones on new ground today!

SO, that was our big question at the start of a new year: What is your 2020 Vision?  And how do you intend to get there?

(1) The first thing we suggested was the traditional five-year plan: make a list of the goals you want to achieve over the next seven years, and beside your A-goals, write down your possibilities, every possible way you can achieve those goals.  Then begin to work your plan.

(2) But, I kept thinking of great Joshua, the leader.  He no sooner crossed the Jordan than he encountered “the Commander of the Lord’s armies.”  He fell on his face at the sight.  He began to  talk to God about his goals.  Suddenly his plans became secondary to the “Master Plan.”

He began to see the future with the eyes of God.  And his program was redesigned.

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John Charles Kerr has a couple of books in print. One is a devotional. published by Thomas Nelson: "IN THE CLEFT OF THE ROCK." The other, published by Essence, "HIDDEN RICHES AMONG THE POOR: REFLECTIONS ON THE VIBRANT FAITH OF AFRICA." These books can be found on Amazon. Partnering with Ruth who teaches English and Music, colleague of Dr. Adrian Chalwe & Dr. Victor Chanda, graduating 30+ community leaders-per-year, in vibrant fellowship with the Zambian Pentecostal Assemblies of God, father of Bob and Jeff, grandfather of April, Nathan, Lucy, Emma, Charlie, Betty & Dottie!

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