“FB is a lot Like a Grapefruit”

P1000292Another year of Facebook! Think about it… the “social network!” Such a cool invention, a place to be sensitive and insightful, to bless all your friends with your fresh inspiration and ideals! Or, on a given Monday, you can even be out of sorts and garrulous, grumbling and contentious about this and that… blights and pests, mad dogs loose on the streets, your digestion. No one will hold it against you. Facebook is kind of like family. It allows people the freedom to be themselves.

The worst that can happen is that your friends may say, “What side of the bed did YOU get up on, spewing such vitriol at this hour….?” But don’t worry. Excommunication is not a FB option. You will not be “turned over to Satan” to “learn not to blaspheme.” Mr. Zuckerberg did not provide for that.

Still, FB is a lot like the church. It can bring people together around a serious need with a lot of concern and prayer. How good is that? In fact, a lot of love flows through the social network. Some say it is superficial — a thin veneer, a mere filament substitute for “real” relationships. But it doesn’t have to be that way at all. Facebook is like a grapefruit. If you try to squeeze too MUCH out of it, it will squirt you in the eye! There’s only so much it can give. But with a cup of Italian coffee, medium-roasted, and a fresh slice of Mbukulu bread… real butter… apricot jam — it can be a pretty nice start to the day!

In fact, even though I can’t find any real butter right now, I want to wish all my Facebook friends a very bright and happy day. Not to worry. And a really bold wrap up of the year 2013. “The waters of the Jordan will be cut off… and all Israel will pass over on dry ground!” (Jsh 3:13-17). Amen and amen.

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John Charles Kerr has a couple of books in print. One is a devotional. published by Thomas Nelson: "IN THE CLEFT OF THE ROCK." The other, published by Essence, "HIDDEN RICHES AMONG THE POOR: REFLECTIONS ON THE VIBRANT FAITH OF AFRICA." These books can be found on Amazon. Partnering with Ruth who teaches English and Music, colleague of Dr. Adrian Chalwe & Dr. Victor Chanda, graduating 30+ community leaders-per-year, in vibrant fellowship with the Zambian Pentecostal Assemblies of God, father of Bob and Jeff, grandfather of April, Nathan, Lucy, Emma, Charlie, Betty & Dottie!

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