From Curling to Hockey in One Tense Night


Happened to watch some Final-Round Curling and some Play-Off Hockey on the same night. Yikes. The one puts you into a lethargic Lotos-land of pleasure. Pass me another donut. The other is so fast-paced it leaves you gasping for breath! And on this particular night, as they carried the wobbling wounded off the ice, it was just a touch sadistic.

I read UBC’s Del Paulhus’ comments on Canada’s game: “There are only a few walks of life where you can be rewarded for being more sadistic than the next guy. Hockey is an ideal vehicle for everyday sadists. It has the highest ratio of intimidation to skill. It’s the only sport with enforcers, the only one where you’re required to finish your check on a player who has made a pass. Hockey is sending a message: Be as violent as possible.”

On this particular night, as they carried the fallen warriors off the ice, I had to believe the professor was right.

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