“You Know it’s going to be a Good Year when…”


You know it’s going to be a good year when the milk comes out in lumps.

2016!  A year to move from fluid to solids!  To deal in substance! (not to abuse it, of course).  A year to stop floating on the shifting tide like a quivering bead of butter fat.  Nay, tis a year to take a position!  To coalesce!  To come down hard on some things!  Like a ton of compacted calcium on life’s shimmering stream!

Now, if we can just figure out what to do with the cereal.

Published by jckatlarge

John Charles Kerr has a couple of books in print. One is a devotional. published by Thomas Nelson: "IN THE CLEFT OF THE ROCK." The other, published by Essence, "HIDDEN RICHES AMONG THE POOR: REFLECTIONS ON THE VIBRANT FAITH OF AFRICA." These books can be found on Amazon. Partnering with Ruth who teaches English and Music, colleague of Dr. Adrian Chalwe & Dr. Victor Chanda, graduating 30+ community leaders-per-year, in vibrant fellowship with the Zambian Pentecostal Assemblies of God, father of Bob and Jeff, grandfather of April, Nathan, Lucy, Emma, Charlie, Betty & Dottie!

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